Monday, February 2, 2015

The family of Jesus by Karen Kingsburry

Story & study #1-Joseph-Protective Stepfather

Tonight I read the fictional story (mini novella) Karen wrote on Joseph. The story was strongly rooted in scripture with some fictional liberties taken as would have fit biblical times regarding details. Tonight I want to share a couple of favorite quotes & then each day this week I will share my daily study (found at the end of the stories) on Joseph. Please feel free to comment with thoughts & input!

As Mary is explaining to Joseph her visit from the angel, she tells him the angel came when she was in the valley behind her house. Then she says I needed to pray " & the valley, that's my favorite place. Just God & me."- now I know for most of us valleys seem like bad places in our lives. Tonight let me encourage you- use the time in the valley where it's just you & God to draw closer to Him.

My favorite quote from Joseph was on the journey to Bethlehem as a laboring Mary tells him she's feeling dizzy. He says to her "see that cross?" {referring to the cross on their donkey's back} Mary says "of course" Joseph says "look at the center of that cross & hold on. Then you won't fall" Let me encourage you, whatever you're going through hold on to the cross & you won't fall.

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