Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Joseph study day 2

Joseph Study: day 2 (sorry for the delay)


Mathew 1:20-25, 2:13-14, 2:19-23


  • What is the recurring theme of these verses?
Joseph is visited by angels in dreams & follows their directions to carry out Gods plan & stay safe
  • Are you now, or have you ever been in a season of uncertainty? How did you handle that time?
Our transition to our current church ( which will be 5 years ago next month) was very uncertain & hard for me. There were lots of tears, but I had to just pray through & trust God.
  • Describe a situation where you waited patently. What was the benefit?
(Answer is very similar to above) during that transition time I had to be patient. That patient trusting & waiting helped me to grow & develop many friendships at the church.

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